About Us

What we do:
We print custom T-shirts for all kinds of businesses, retail stores, bars, restaurants, events, races, teams, plumbers, electricians, you name it. We also design, print, and sell our own locally themed T-shirts right here online and in our shop.

Our goal is to create and print the greatest T-shirt possible, using our highly caffeinated creative imaginations, the latest equipment, latest techniques, and best inks available. 

Our history:
We were born from our sister business, DiveBarShirtClub.com, the largest T-shirt club in the USA. For years we bounced around from printer to printer getting inconsistent and sub par prints. In 2012 we had enough. It was time to print our own tees and control the quality that we expected and wanted our members to expect from us. We bought some printing equipment and took classes to learn the trade. Over time we learned what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. We never planned on printing for the public but eventually demand for the quality that we were producing became too great to ignore. Today we are proud to be the premiere T-shirt print shop on the island of Key West, FL. We are Coconut Ink.